Monday, March 21, 2011

Texas Bluebonnet Tartan Project

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day for a drive to Navasota to meet with my weaving study group. The bluebonnets and indian paintbrush are just starting to appear along the sides of the road, which reminded me of a project I've been wanting to start. Ever since I learned that Texas has an official tartan pattern, it's been on my weaving to-do list. It was designed by June P McRoberts and recognized by the Texas state legislature in 1989. You can read more background information here. It is a beautiful pattern and captures all the colors in a field of bluebonnets. While I was crawling around amid the flowers, I was reminded how fragrant bluebonnets are! Years ago when we went down to Eagle Lake to visit the fields of Wildseed Farms, you could actually smell the bluebonnets before you could see the fields. If I ever get my little place in the country, I'll have a big section planted with bluebonnets to enjoy each spring.


Bluebonnets & Indian Paintbrush

Bluebonnet Field


I guess since it was such a pretty day, only Loretta and I showed up for our meeting so we had a couple of uninterrupted hours for talking weaving. We're new friends and still getting to know each other, and it was a nice surprise to find out that she's been wanting to weave the bluebonnet tartan too. And that's how simply we get started on a new path. Since we're still going to be teaching the new weavers in our regular group, this will be a long-term project for us both. Hopefully by next spring, I'll have some beautiful yardage.

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