Saturday, March 12, 2011

Odd things we remember

I was talking to a doctor friend last night and as conversations often do these days, it wound it's way to the topic of obesity. We observed that when we were kids, we were skinny and all our friends were skinny. And actually, there were only one or two obese children in the entire school. The weird thing is that we both remembered the full name of the only fat kid in our elementary schools. I recently ran across my class pictures from elementary and couldn't remember even all the first names, and these were my friends. It's odd, and in this case sad, what factoids stick in your head over the years. I remember a girl from about 4th grade that had the most horrible bad breath. So bad that you didn't even want to stand anywhere near her. In retrospect she probably had dental problems that her parents weren't able to get taken care of, but I can't remember her name. Just goes to show how society influences us from even a very young age. Was being overweight more gross than having bad teeth? Now that so many children are obese, is it still the stigma that it was when we were kids?

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