Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rosepath Baby Wrap

After much gnashing of teeth, it's finally off the loom and finished. It was not a difficult project, but I had some major issues during the weaving. Once I got the cut thread problem sorted out, I was weaving along splendidly. You know how it is when you're on autopilot and everything is good. Then I realized that the loom didn't sound the same when I beat each pick in. Nah, it's just my imagination. So I go a little further. Then I notice that the fell line is crooked! Ack! What's going on here? That little thump I vaguely remember was apparently one of the braces that came loose causing the thread to advance crooked. Kind of hard to explain, so here's a picture.

You can see how the horizontal stripes are wider on one side than the other. Unfortunately, it would have been a nightmare to try and unweave that much, so I very carefully cut out the mistake, fixed the bracket, and soldiered on. Now that the weaving is off the loom, I'm going to take that bracket off and turn it the other direction so that it can't fall out of place. Apparently when someone put the loom together, they put them on backwards. Just look at how much I'm learning though!

Once that was taken care of, things finished very smoothly. Got the fabric off the loom, clipped all the little ends, washed and dried, and it's ready for cutting!

Since we live in such a warm climate I decided to make a sling wrap for our niece, instead of 6yds of fabric to wind around her body. I bought two sets of rings since I hadn't done this before and wasn't sure of what size I needed. It was a good thing. Turns out that this fabric is a bit on the heavy side for a sling wrap. It looks beautiful, but is hard to adjust. I may have to make her another one in something lighter. If you're interested in making your own wrap, I found some great instructions on Jan Andrea's site. I bought the rings online at Sling Rings. Here I am modeling with my teddy bear in the sling.

I still have about 3 yards of fabric left and it's going to go to reupholster my sewing rocker. Someone heavy sat it in and that old fabric finally gave way. This should be pretty AND durable! One of my patients gave me the name of a man that they use, so hopefully it won't be too expensive. I miss having my rocker to spin in.