Friday, April 20, 2012

Hill Country Spinning Retreat 2012

Well, it didn't start off very well but it was still a great week spent spinning and dyeing with friends. Who would have thought when I signed up last year, that I would have made so many wonderful friends? It was such a shot in the dark. I couldn't believe that I was sending such a big check to someone I didn't even know just because they said they were organizing a retreat with Judith MacKenzie. Now I can't imagine spring without this retreat!

This year's topic, "Three Bags Full". We explored so many different fleeces, their characteristics, fiber prep, optimal spinning technique. Unfortunately, I was sick the first three days, so there are not many photos. A special thank you to my DH who shared his abominable cold with me. Thankfully, he also shared his dr. friend who called me in antibiotics and cough pearls in San Antonio! I managed to make it through the week and had a wonderful time! You can get the photo experience here on my Flickr photos. I've managed to organize a notebook with all the fleece samples and hopefully will have those spun soon. But like last year, the dyeing was tremendous fun! This time we dyed with cocheneal and indigo. I made a cool indigo tie dye yarn that will be turned into a pair of socks. My cochineal (red/pink) yarn is going into a beaded shawl. Just have to decide on what color beads to use. Like last year, I was so inspired that it's hard to know just where to start! I really need more free time!

As a sneak peak, here are a few of the week's highlights!

Me, Judith, and Roddie

Our group photo in front of the yarn tree

My indigo and cochineal yarns

Me spinning Teeswater curls

The yarn tree

It's just barely over and I can hardly wait for next year!