Saturday, February 12, 2011

Level III Reports

Reports are now finished and marinating for a while before I reread them and do the final edits. Sometimes it's hard to proofread objectively when you're already tired of looking at it. The most difficult thing about writing a report on such a broad subject such as Scandinavian knitting is to keep it from just sounding like bullet points. There are whole books just on Scandinavian knitting and I only need a few pages, so I focused mainly on Selbu style mittens and Shetland lace. The most interesting thing about the Selbuvotter is that the design can actually be traced back to one person, and that the Selbu star pattern is what most of us think of when we think of Norwegian motifs. Just goes to show that you never know the ultimate influence of one person's work. I chose Shetland lace as my second focus just because I LOVE knitting lace. It's pretty rare that I don't have at least one or two lace projects on the needles!

When I was perusing the message boards on the Ravelry TKGA group the other day, I ran across a post about revised instructions for Level III. Thankfully, the report section was unchanged. But I am requesting a new copy before I start my swatches. I can't believe that it's already been two years since I started this level! I must be getting old because time is just flying by and I can hardly keep up!

While I wait for the new instructions to arrive, I haven't been sitting around idle. I've warped the loom for a set of dishtowels just to get back in the groove. To save a little time, I ordered a kit from Lotsaknots through their Etsy shop. The warp looks great, but I would have rather the weft not be prewound on paper bobbins. I'm having to rewind them because they don't fit in my shuttle. When these are finished, I need to get the loom set up for a prayer shawl for our April retreat, then I want to warp for more dishtowels. These are planned to be Christmas gifts this year. We'll see. I'm already seeing my typical pattern of overcommitment.

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