Friday, April 25, 2008

Danger, danger, Will Robinson!

Seedless Grape, don't let Martin see this!

The fiber tools are threatening to take over our den! Came home last Saturday with a new-to-me loom! It's a 24" Ashford 4-shaft table loom with stand. And she threw in lots of accessories! The perfect beginner loom, and it is portable enough that I'll be able to use it for future workshops and classes. Right now, all it's doing it sitting there waiting for me to get up the courage to try warping it. I've got 3 good books that explain multiple ways to accomplish this, but how does one decide which method to use? So I think the plan will be to try them all! I’ll start out with the most understandable one, then work my way through. By the time I get to the last one, maybe it will make sense. I’ve got three big cones of cotton, so I should be able to get quite a bit done. Maybe everyone will be receiving placemats for Christmas this year.

My Space
This is my side of the room. My chair is directly across so that I can see all my stuff when I'm knitting or watching tv. The more I accumulate, the more vivid my dream of my own studio after I retire.

Ashford Loom
The new loom!

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