Saturday, May 26, 2007

My new baby is home!

Woo Hoo! I spent the day and my new friend Linda's house test driving the Country Craftsman wheel that she has up for adoption. It's just like petting a stray puppy. Once you touch it, it's yours! So off we went through the driving rain through the Memorial Day weekend traffic. Felt like it took forever to get home since I was so anxious to play some more. But I was a good mom and took a little time to get everything adjusted and oiled before taking it for a spin again. It's spins fine yarn like a dream! And fast, too; although there is a problem with the whorl which I've got to fix before I can ply :-(. I've got to find a couple more bobbins, and I'll probably get whatever other accessories are available since this wheel is no longer in production. It definitely won't replace my trusty Lendrum, which I think is the easiest most versatile wheel ever, but I have room in my heart (if not my house) for both.

That's Bailey there to the right. Probably a little jealous because she's not the center of attention today!