Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cotton Sampler Finished!

Since I had a couple of unplanned days off, I managed to finish up the cotton sampler I started during Ravelry's Tour de Fleece. The main objective was to weave a scarf using singles spun from my home-grown cotton on the Bosworth book charkha. When I started, I was not very encouraged that I would ever get this project off the loom! I was throwing away as much, if not more, cotton than I was spinning. The charkha definitely had a BIG learning curve! I'm normally pretty confident in my spinning, but this was a real challenge. After a lesson from Susan at Yarnorama in Paige, I was finally getting the hang of it with only a little waste. As I neared the end, I could spin and weave an entire bobbin in an afternoon. The singles are pretty "rustic" (ie, thick and thin) but they make for an interesting scarf. At least that's what it is for the moment. I may cut it up and make coasters out of it.

In the photos below, the navy warp really sets off the colored cotton. The white came from seeds that I got when doing a spinning demo at the Burton Cotton Gin Festival. The brown seeds came from my friend Carolyn. And the green seeds I bought online for the exorbitant price of $12.75 for 10 seeds!




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SallyT said...

Very, very cool. Do you think it's better to learn to spin wool before cotton or could someone just jump right in to cotton?