Friday, December 13, 2013

One door closes...Another opens.

I've been planning my retirement for too many years to count, and finally that day has arrived. A long time ago I imagined it would be a special day, filled with fireworks and festivities to herald a new beginning. What I've found is the reality of a quiet transition to a new phase of my life. The day began and ended with the same exasperating drive to and from work. And in between, I saw the same patients that I do every day. They were so sweet and encouraging, as they are at that point in their lives that they know the importance on living each day to it's fullest. Spend time with those you love, doing what you love, because we never know how many days we have to take advantage.

When I changed careers ten years ago, I never would have imagined how many special people I would meet and get to know, and how much I would learn from each of them. I was granted an opportunity to give of myself, but received so much more. I learned what is important, and what to let fall away. The experience prepared me in so many ways to make the most of this new journey.

Now I'm taking that scary leap into the next phase of my life. There are so many things I still have left to accomplish, and I hope I'm blessed with the time to make them happen. I'm so looking forward to being able to spend more time with family. Not necessarily in flamboyant ways, but to cherish those everyday moments that I felt like I missed with the phrase, "Sorry, but I have to work." It's time to give back to family and friends for supporting me and understanding when I was giving to others.

So stay tuned. One of my goals is to blog once a week. Not that anyone really reads it, but I enjoy so much being able to go back and revisit projects and experiences. I'm going to have to learn now how to balance knitting, spinning, and weaving with housework and family. I have really missed having a clutter-free home, so that's going to be the first project to tackle! That and completing my current weaving project that has a fast approaching due date!


Stripeyspots said...

I was just thinking the other day about your imminent retirement. I'm looking forward to all the things you're going to make… Congrats, Theresa!

sdmags said...

Congrats! It is always a bit of scramble when big changs happen.