Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Charkha Time!

On our way from Austin to Lexington yesterday, I talked James into stopping at Yarnorama in Paige so that I could look at weaving yarns for some dish towels. What a great little shop! Knitting, spinning, weaving, dyeing - Susan has it all. We got to talking a bit about spinning wheels and I mentioned that I had bought a Bosworth charkha, but just couldn't seem to get the hang of spinning on it. And plying had been a total disaster. So she pulled hers out, and in about 5 minutes I was ready to rush home and give it another try. She also showed me a weaving shuttle that holds the charkha bobbins, so I can just use my singles to weave and there's no need to transfer them to another bobbin or ply (unless I just want to - not!). Woo-hoo! So guess what I'm going to be doing this weekend!

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