Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bye, Gran.

Today marks the passing of a wonderful and amazing woman – my grandmother, Sophie Setliff. She was always the strongest and most resilient person I knew, and it’s hard to believe that she’s gone. I always felt like she would be here forever, or at least as long as I was. My grandmother was the person who passed on her creativity to me, and inspired me in all the fiberarts. She was a wonderful seamstress, making most of the dresses for me, my sister, my cousins, and all the Barbies when we were growing up. She also crocheted and quilted many beautiful pieces for our family and others. She loved her church and her friends. But most remarkable was that each of us felt like we were her “favorite” grandchild. You could ask any one of us who was the favorite, and we would have responded, “I am.” When you got to spend the week at granny’s house, you ruled the world. She made all your favorite foods, let you do whatever you liked, played all your favorite games, and made you feel like the center of her universe. If you wanted 9 potato pancakes, that’s just what you got. At holidays, we all got to have our favorite foods. I just hope that I can be such a wonderful grandmother to my grandchildren.

At 97, Sophie was ready to be with her husband again and to put this world behind her. She had had a whole and fulfilling life. We’ll miss you Gran, but are glad you are finally where you longed to be. Give Grandpa a kiss from me.

Love, Theresa

Granny & Grandpa

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