Friday, April 27, 2007

Merike Saarniit Workshop Weekend

Last weekend the Knit at Night Guild held a workshop with Merike Saarniit. I am always impressed with the caliber of instructors there are out there. Merike presented us with an engaging overview of knitting in Estonia, and challenged our skills with uniquely Estonian stitches. I was only able to attend the Saturday workshop, but heard that the microwave dyeing on Friday night and "Fiendishly Difficult Stitches" on Sunday were equally good.

Being the good wife that I am, I spent Sunday at the Houston Grand Prix. James was driving in the charity race in the morning, and I knew he wanted me to be there even though he said it was ok if I wanted to attend Merike's class. This was a good one for me to watch since it was not quite so competitive as the Spec Miata races he's usually in. Normally my heart is in my stomach the whole time he's on the track, so I don't watch very often. Below are a couple of pics.

Now that all that is over I've got time to get back to work on the Victoria Shawl from "Victorian Lace Today". I'm making it from some cobweb weight yarn I bought at Kid 'n' Ewe last fall. If I can find my camera, I'll post some pictures now that it's starting to look like something.

Stay tuned! Next week is the road trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! Another excuse to buy stuff!!